"Hi Pat,

My name is Michele B. and I am Marian S. daughter. Myself and other members of my family toured your facility on Monday with my Mom, Marian S. I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you to let you know how much we enjoyed the tour but also the time you spent with our family. After the tour and the opportunity to get our questions and concerned answered, not only my Mom but the rest of the family feel that she's making a solid decision in moving to your facility.

Please pass our appreciation on to Meghan as well for her time.

Thank you,"
Michele B.

"Traditions at West Park Place was very nice. They were very kind, answered all of our questions, and were very helpful. They had a lot of very nice activities. They had bingo, outings, coffee and drinks get-together, cards, and puzzles. There was a library, a workout exercise area, a beauty salon, and a nail salon. We just looked at a one-bedroom, and the size was a lot bigger than we thought. It was very neat and clean. I was quite impressed. Everybody was very friendly." Kim (Caring.com)

“Everyone was friendly and cheerful. Pat was especially helpful. We enjoyed the visit very much.” Mary R.

“Just moved my neighbor here. She's struggling to adjust but she does have memory issues. But they are taking such good care of her and everyone is so kind.” Debbie S.

“The community has recently had a change in staff. They always have activities for the residents to participate in everyday. They are renovating the community. There is a washer and dryer on each floor. It is very nice and a clean community. The more care your loved one needs, you will have to pay extra for the care services. The community is adding on assisted living and memory care options.” Sandra (SeniorAdvisor.com)

“My visit to Traditions at West Park Place was good. We liked the interactions with other people. The facilities were clean. It was bigger than what we thought it would be, and it was also very nice. There are people there playing with puzzles, watching TV, and playing cards. There are a lot of things to do. The staff was wonderful.” Willi (Caring.com)

“A few years ago, our mom couldn’t keep up the house anymore. Even with all of us kids to help her, it was too much. We took mom from place to place to check out many assisted living facilities, including West Park Place. We needed a great fit for our mom. Mom, my sister, my brother and I all came to the conclusion that West Park Place gave us such a good feeling. Friendly people greeted us. Happy faces! This was it! Best decision we ever made.

After moving in, Mom realized she was not alone. Staff members offered help whenever Mom needed it. Her social calendar grew so big, not one of us could keep track of her schedule. She was happier than ever. Mom made lots of close friends who meant a lot to her. Most of all, she was safe. It gave the family much peace.

On March 17, our precious Mom passed away. We will be forever grateful for the compassionate care West Park Place gave our Mom.” The Family of Wilma B.

“I say this often, and you may be tired of hearing it, but we cannot express how grateful we are for how careful you all are at WPP [during Covid]. Even though it’s difficult for us that we are not able to touch and otherwise be close to mother, we know she is safe and in the best care possible. Please take care of yourselves and stay safe.” Dwight R.

“I want to thank you for providing such a wonderful place for my friend, Pat. I have visited her several times over the holidays, plus a few times this July. During my visits, several things have been obvious. This is a home to Pat and the friends she has made since being there, almost one year now. I am sure you know, few people want to leave the comforts of home, even for a place as nice as this, but I see how she has fit in and it is really her new home. A home plus, because there are many things that are now available to her and to her family that she didn’t have at home. There are daily activities, some I participated in myself. Their regular meals and scheduling that help regulate the day. For her family, there is the comfort in knowing she is watched over, not in an overwhelming way, but a comfortable checking in.

West Park Place is a clean and active place. One day I visited, so much was going on that the parking lot was full, as were the halls with folks going to and fro—or just visiting with each other. But of all that is the expected practices of a well-run facility, it is not why I write. I write to say I cannot believe how friendly the staff is. I feel like everyone has said hello to me (with a smile) at least once. And to watch how friendly they are to Pat and the other residents is amazing. Pat introduced me to several staff members in a way that I realized they have had conversations before. I noticed on the website you mention you offer a culture of personalized service. You need to add ‘friendly’ to that, because I started to feel guilty if I didn’t slow down and be friendly back, they were so nice. Thank you. You have made Pat’s life, and my visits, a much better existence—you have made it a wonderful life.” Sincerely, George

“To all of the gals and guys in the kitchen and dining room, I would like to thank every one of you for your kindness and help. But most of all, for my Steelers shirt. I know you will all get sick of seeing me in it so much. I loved living in Pittsburgh and will follow all the teams the rest of my life (all 86 years). I love all of you and couldn’t think of any place I’d rather be than with my daughter and son-in-law and my new family. Again, my love to all of you and thank you for my great shirt.” Love, Pat F.

“I chose to live at West Park Place because I was familiar with it (friends had and are currently living there), and I knew it had everything I needed. What I enjoy and value most about West Park Place is the service and security it offers. My friend Eleanor who lived at West Park Place for a number of years told me ‘You should move to retirement living before you need assistance.’ I am so glad I made the move when i did. I continue to enjoy all the activities that I engaged in before moving here. I know that when I do need help, it is here for me. Not having the responsibility of a house and all of the care that goes along with it has been a relief for me.

All of the staff at West Park Place are considerate, caring and possess a high level of patience, which I find amazing. In addition to the friends I knew before moving in, I have made new friends who make my life a joy. I couldn’t have picked a better place to live out my senior years!” Madge L.

“Last summer it became apparent that it was no longer safe for our 90-year-old Mom to live safely on her own in a city that none of us had lived in for decades. My Mom was adamant that she needed more time to consider a move, so we agreed to wait a few months. When we brought the subject of a move up again, she said she needed more time to make a decision. She loved her apartment and neighbors and had lived there for 16 years. However, she was no longer in her mid-70s, driving, and able to do her household tasks without exhausting herself. Our Mom’s needs had changed and increased. She was now using a walker and was having some short-term memory loss, she was not cooking or even reheating the meals we prepared and delivered to her. Our family worried constantly that she would fall and no one would know, or that she would have a power outage with no one able to assist her quickly.

We had been gradually helping our Mom more and more. There became a point at which these small incremental changes like a weekly housekeeper, meal delivery and our help with her appointments and errands were not enough to meet her changing and increasing needs for additional services. Ready or not, what had worked was no longer working and it was no longer safe for her to continue where she was. Like it or not, things had changed for all of us. My sister and I came to the realization that our Mom was never going to be ready to move and that we needed to make the decision for her. We also agreed we were not going to wait until something else occurred to force the move. She deserved better care whether she realized it or not.

WPP was one of the places we looked at for our Mom to be able to ‘age in place’ in her own apartment and for us to have peace of mind ourselves. The more we visited and learned about WPP, and took Mom to see her lifetime friends who had moved there, ate lunch with her in the dining room and had hair appointments in the beauty shop, the more certain we both were that WPP was a wonderful fit for Mom. The staff took the time to know all of the residents by name and were so helpful and supportive. The residents were happy, engaged and involved in dozens of different activities. We were impressed and relieved. The genuine care and concern for the residents’ well-being is the most impressive aspect of WPP.

She was furious when we told her that she was moving because change is always frightening. Moving day was pretty dramatic and would make a good soap opera episode. It took Mom about a week, maybe two, to completely adjust. Many of the staff and residents made the transition much easier. Mom loves WPP and says several months later, her new apartment is wonderful. She has dinner every evening with her friends, a weekly hair appointment, and no worries about housekeeping and laundry. If I would have been able to see where we are now while we struggled with a decision last summer, I would have acted sooner.” Cathy

“Thank you very much for your kind words about my father, Jerry, as we mourn his unexpected death. Please pass along to your staff our appreciation for taking such good care of him over the past few years, especially this year when his Alzheimer’s disease made it very difficult on him.” Warmest Regards, Howard F.

“I wanted to thank all of you for your kindness and hospitality while I stayed with my mother, Irene, after her hospitalization. Every person we came in contact with was patient and caring. My experiences confirmed what we already knew. Mom is in the right place!” Mary Y.

“West Park Place has given me peace, hope and security. It is the beginning of a new chapter in my life with the making of new friends who share the same wishes and values as I do, and where each day is a new day which offers happy experiences and a desire to enjoy life as well as we can.” Harold M.

“To all staff at West Park Place, we wanted to thank you for the kindness and time you have taken with my dad and all of us. The decision to move a loved one out of the home is difficult, but I have never regretted the decision to move my dad to West Park Place. It is truly because of all of you that my dad moved there. You are all terrific—you make us all feel at home. Thanks for watching over him. Every year my sister and I bake cookies to share with our friends. We wanted to share them with you as a small token of our appreciation. May you all have a blessed holiday.” The family of Bill B.

“When I moved to West Park Place, it was like the weight of the world was taken off my shoulders! No more worrying about caring for a large house, a car, a large yard and garden, and being the driver for all my friends who were not able to do so any longer. I feel relaxed and free of all my cares at last. Cooking was never my favorite thing and now no shopping for food, no cooking, no canning and no dishes. Now I can read and sew to my heart’s content. I love to do both. Thank you West Park for all the smiling faces that greet me wherever I go. I feel safe, snug and happy.” Ella K.

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