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Exercise & Learning Programs

Exercise & Learning Programs

Because we know an active mind and body is so important to longevity, brain health, overall wellness and our sense of well-being, we are pleased to offer our residents a unique assortment of mind and body programs. Our residents are invited to use our fitness and computer lab spaces any time, but here are a few regular classes, events and services. Please join us!


Zumba Gold (R)

Zumba Gold is all about moving to the music. We don’t need to worry about ‘proper’ dance and exercise techniques, because we’ll focus on experiencing motion, breathing and engagement that is comfortable for your body. Though zesty, Latin-inspired music and international dance rhythms, you will do your version of the salsa, merengue, cumber, and reggaeton, led by our certified Zumba Gold instructor. Modified moves and pacing are available for all needs and abilities, whether you are a first time participant or a regular.

Come feel the freedom to connect with your thoughts and feelings and express yourself without language. It’s a shared experience, right in the comfort of home.

The ShapeMaster(R) Program

Here’s your chance to work on your hugs. There’s nothing like the feeling of wrapping your arms around your children, spouse or loved ones, and this program is designed to keep you strong and supple.

Each ShapeMaster machine in this Program is specially designed using power assistance, providing gentle movement of the main muscle groups. The equipment can be used passively or actively, with as much or as little effort as you see fit. Studies show that after 12 weeks of supervised training and full-body workouts, muscle strength improved by 24-50%, mobility and agility by 22% and balance by up to 33%. The benefits of weight-bearing exercise are undisputed and vast, including increased bone density, a reduced risk of falls and fractures, reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes. Exercise is even good for mental health, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression and fostering improved mood and feelings of well-being.

Laughter Yoga(R)

Stroll down the halls of our community on a Saturday morning and you might witness residents clapping and calling out to each other, ‘Very good, very good, yay!’ as they burst into laughter. These are special words that we speak as part of our Laughter Yoga program. Developed in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria, a physician from Mumbai, India, Laughter Yoga combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing and is simulated in a group as a body exercise.

Our certified Laughter Yoga instructor leads participants through the program based on the scientific fact that the body cannot distinguish between fake and real laughter, therefore the same physiological and psychological benefits are achieved. Laughter Yoga triggers body endorphins, releases stress, decreases blood pressure and boosts the immune system. Residents experience an increase in joy within their lives while decreasing stress levels and anxiety.


Our Lifelong Learning Lab enables you to connect online with family and friends and learn and engage with the world with computer and WiFi access. You’ll enjoy free Internet and digital services in the common areas of our community. We make technology fun and approachable with Skype(R) video chatting, social media, email and popular websites. Associates are always available to answer questions or help you connect with your loved ones. Our goal is to provide you with an area where you can use technology to connect with others and with purpose.

Popular activities and services for residents and family members:

  • Skype with family and friends anytime
  • Jump on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and others
  • Email family and friends
  • Join us for knowledge-based activities, including Dakim(R) Brain Fitness
  • Take advantage of our Business Center services